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The ultimate GOAL is
for youth to...
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Programs & resources are
for foster youth in-care &
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ILP Objectives
1. Identify youth who are expected to be in foster care until the age of 18 and help them transition successfully into adulthood.
2. Assist youth with education, training and services necessary to obtain employment.
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Youth Objectives
1. Employment - Youth are self supporting

2.Education - Youth acquire sufficient education and training
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About ILP
The Independent Living Program (ILP) of Georgia's MISSION is to provide eligible foster youth ages 14-25 with opportunities to successfully transition to adulthood. ILP accomplishes this by offering supportive services that will aid youth in successfully transitioning towards adulthood.
Youth Responsibilities
1. Youth are required to participate in ILP supportive services and activities that are outlined in the WTLP.
2. Youth are required to meet all mandatory deadlines to take advantage of ILP services.
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Develop self supporting skills, acquire sufficient education & training to become competitive career seekers, maintain appropriate housing, receive sufficient health services & develop supportive relationships.
Via the federally funded Chafee Foster Care Independence Program, Georgia ILP provides funding and support and to help youth successfully transition from foster care.
3. Assist youth in preparing for and entering into post-secondary training and educational institutions.

4. Provide a range of services & support for former foster recipients between the ages of 18 & 21, to compliment their own efforts for achieving self-sufficiency & to assure that these youth recognize and accept their own personal responsibility to prepare for adulthood.

3. Housing - Youth have safe and stable housing

4. Health - Youth have sufficient physical, mental, and dental health care

5. Supportive Relationships - Youth have supportive adult relationships
3. Youth are required to be respectful to all parties and behave respectfully at all ILP functions.

4. Youth are required to abide by the Post-Secondary Financial Agreement.